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Eyoung Pierre
Energy Engineer - Corrosion Monitoring, Integrity & Flow Assurance Business

Nkamwa Nickaise
Industrial Chemist - Environment - Resources - Energy - Security

Jiofack Anitha
Industrial Chemist - Environment - Resources - Energy - Security

Dongmo Frank
Computer Science & ICT

Kemtchuaing Landry
Clinical Engineer, Supply Chain Management

Noubondieu Serge
Expert in Sustainable Development, International Cooperation

Nkwebo Giresse
Expert in International Cooperation and Development

Dzoleko Erick
Telecommunications Engineer

Motongori Lilian
Mechanical Engineer - Research and Policy Formulation in Energy and Gender issues

Tsobeng Martial
Agronomist, Rural Engineer. Expert in Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation

Mensah Dogbey
Electrical Engineer - Power Systems and related

Ngongang Joseph
Civil Engineer

Mechanical Engineer, Business Owner

Kamdjou Cedric
Expert in Economy and Business

Dongmo Marcelin
Energy Engineer, Business Development



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